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Barb Scheinman 07-29-2006 02:26 PM

I'm Back
Hi Guys -
Holy s--t! Where to begin?? Where is the icon for OMG? Well, Michael Alterbaum told me I had to take a look at what was going on with the website, but as usual I ignored him. (What are ex's for, after all?) Then when I received David's email, of course my curiosity was stirred. Wel-Met is nothing, if not stirring. Thank you, David, for pulling we website slackers into the loop once again via email. What was going on was important enough to do so. Funny, the concept to move opinions to the Sunday Forum from the Memories Forum is very ironic. To read everyone's opinions, some emotional, some heated, unfortunately one hateful, brought nothing BUT Wel-Met memories back to me! At a time when all Jews are hearbroken over the course Israel is having to traverse, to be able to have people we shared thoughts and feelings with in our youth and still find we have the ability to share thoughts and feelings with today even if we know them only by website, is an amazing gift to have in our present thanks to our memories. But David has been an amazing Keeper of the Memories for all of us. I don't say he has free reign to do whatever, but I do respect his wishes above all else in this matter because of all he has done for the website in the past. He apparently was reflecting the wishes of some from what I've read, and did come up with a compromise for the rest of us. We are not being censored, we are being invited to include our opinions on the website, just somewhere else. However, David, I do admit when you first wrote you would "delete" non-memory items from the Memory Forum, I was shocked! That would have been censorship. The plan now to move them should be acceptable. But please forgive some of us if we cross the line from time to time. IT IS GOING TO BE VERY HARD TO SEPARATE MEMORIES FROM THOUGHTS/OPINIONS. Each stimulate the other. But before I head over to the Sunday Forum section where I belong (if I can find it, as it took me some time to figure out how to be allowed back on the site after two years), there are a couple of things to say here: My heartfelt condolences to Eric Rofes' family and friends. Thank you Alan, for letting us know of this deep loss to all of us and to the society Eric cared enough about to try to make better. And on the other side of emotions, it is wonderful to see postings from Fred Newdom and my idol Barry Morowitz in ANY forum! Wel-Met always was, and always will be, about the people. See you all on the flip side!
- Barbara

markjaws 07-31-2006 08:09 AM

Were you in Unit 23 back in 1974?

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