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aturin 06-29-2015 01:52 PM

Staff Training
With July 1 just around the corner, we realize that campers would have been arriving at all three branches. Staff training, that single week when we could be campers again, would have begun just a few days ago and by now we would have been fully ensconced in the moment, not thinking too much about who would soon be arriving.

Staff training was a bonding experience, as we took on the responsibility for passing on the traditions and spirit that we had experienced as campers. We worried that those new counselors who had not experienced Wel-Met as campers would do the traditions justice. We coached, told tales, and collectively remembered our prior years.

I donít recall learning any secrets of the inner sanctum as I trained for counselorhood. It was all quite familiar, from the rustic setting to the lack of supplies, to the long bug-infested walks. And perhaps I always carried the confidence that my campers would experience what I had experienced regardless of what I said or did. Wel-Met was far more than a week of training or even the results of skilled counseloring. It was an ethos all its own.

Enjoy staff training for soon the hordes arrive.

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