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My Brief Recollection of Howard Stern

I was in Unit 23 back in 1974, next door to Howard Stern's Unit 45, I believe. In my unit there was Alan Rappaport, Eddie Karp, Jeff Factor, Ed Phelps, Richie Frye, and Eileen Eichelberger (?) and Pattie from Seattle. If my memory serves me correctly, there was a gorgeous Willa, a cute Joan, a striking Kitty Sellers, two pretty Irish girls, Maura and Margaret, among others, to include some beautiful TICE girls, Beth Goldstien and Cathy (?) Rothenberg, and Eileen, the really pretty supply clerk.

Howard Stern was a walking scarecrow whose sticklike figure and Ichabod Crane features appeared menacing, but when talked to, he was really nice. Of interest, I never noticed Howard with a young lady. And let's face it, if you could not mate at that camp back in the mid 70's, with all those nice females around, especially during the School Camping Period, you were pretty hopeless. I may be wrong, but if Stern was left out then, perhaps it could account for his hostility towards women today. Just a thought.

Mark Jaworowski
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