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Do We ^Really^ Want . . .?

Do we really want this to be (yet another) forum catering to left-leaning folks? There are plenty of those out there, where (like right-leaning folks and certain other folks) political people can post/blog to their political hearts' content.

Is there any consideration for the occasional Welmetter who may actually find himself not only to the right of Howard Dean, but may actually not appreciate (yet another) venue where the leftish in-crowd blandly assumes we're all lefties together so we can say whatever we like among ourselves? Kinda like telling a n%gg%r joke and assuming everyone present will laugh at it.

It's hard enough to go to a concert, or to other performances within the northeastern urban and suburban culture, where the presupposition of cultural leftism is omipresently there and freely expressed. Newsflash -- there are others who do exist, quietly and unobtrusively, while the kultursmog spews on and on.

Am I whining? If you think so, fine-n-dandy, although rest assured I seceded from the overarching culture just described, decades ago. I don't think I'm whining, just wishing for a forum that's for Welmetters, without the in-crowd presumption of leftish-leaning-ism seeping in. Can't we converse about Wel-Met, and be mindful that there actually may exist "others" out there who don't share in the non-Wel-Met common presumptions?

Too much to ask? -- even as I am appreciative of all the effort and time of those who enable this site.


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