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Talking Western Trip 1975

Hey Steve,
I think I narrowly escaped that fateful trip with Chip. Although, I think for the most part, I behaved I'm still in the NY area - living in New Jersey (working in NY) with 2 kids (13 and 10). I work in media, currently with a cable network. What do you do?

Wel-Met and of course the Western Trip was a fantastic experience that kids today just don't understand. I try to get my kids to understand but they just can't wrap their arms around the comraderie and closeness that we all had. It's a different world today. Many Wel-Meters came in and out of my life for many years, went to lots of reunion parties. I think for many years, no one knew my real name, I was just "Rosie". Then I guess like everything else, many people just went on with their lives and drifted apart. The recent reunion allowed me to meet up again with Julie Pearlman and talk with her brother Josh, and I also contacted Cliff Ageloff via e-mail.

By the way, my hair is short now (and my kids laugh at me when they see those old pictures) - they just don't understand the hippie culture of the 70's - lol. And oh yea, the other Rosenberg was Steve Rosenberg, not Alan - Steve was a skinny redhead if I remember correctly.

Great to hear from you!!
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