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Scott Engelhard
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Hey Marc...
Happy, happy to you too...
Were you PA or UD of unit 5 in 1974? Did you play a red 335 guitar for "Grease" that year, as musical director of the production? You looked like Billy Crystal, right? If so, you did a great job, and I remember you helping me out with the tune "Hand Jive" (Lisa Mendelowitz sang "Freddie My Love")... Thanks. If it's not you, your name sounds familiar anyway... Lemme know, Wel-Met Bro... Where you at?

If you're not the Marc who was the guitar-slinging PA/unit 5 in 1974, who is???

Also - Where's Mitch Weber??? C'mon Mitch!

Did you'all hear that Brad Pitt broke up with J-Lo? I'm a mess and all f'klempt... I thought they were sooo happy!
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