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I think his name was Bob...but he didn't want to be called that. Somehow it stuck. But you are right. No affiliation with Steve til waaay after the trip.

Does anyone think that Robert Katz is a billionaire computer nerd somewhere?

I worked in Narrowsburg in the office for the two years after the trip, roomed in Birch Lodge (how cool was I?) with Joyce Satkowitz. Where are you now Joyce? Had more fun than I should have with the bakers..Jerome, et al, Once, some kitchen guys and I walked to Silver Lake to a bar, someone bought me a Rusty Nail and said it wasn't too strong, I staggered back, there may have been assistance involved in the return trip.

Also, Mark Landsberger worked in the kitchen at that time. I didn't really remember him from that, but he came up to me at my job in Boston many years later, accused me of being Sue Gusoff, and said he remembered me from Wel-Met. We became good friends. Any of you remember him?
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