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Dave - Just to prove I can be as unfunny as you, here is a song I recently did. I feel especially qualified - having grown up 22 years in the Lower East Side, close to Grand and Essex Streets, at one time, the greatest Jewish neighborhood in America. Until the great Jewish migration to the whiter suburbs, where I guess it was easier to be liberal. But I digress. Anyway, I call this little number, "Liberal City Blues" sung to the melody of Johnny Cash's immortal "Folson Prison Blues."

I hear the gangs a rumblin'
Oh, down in the East End.
And I've not had a safe time,
Since, I don't know when.
But I'm stuck in Liberal City,
And crimes go marchin' on.
When I hear gang bangers comin'
I make myself long gone.

When I was just a baby,
My daddy told me, "Son..
Stay away from cities,
Don't ever live in one."
But I met a gal from Soho,
To home I said goodbye.
Now when I think of nice safe suburbs,
I hang my head and cry.

I'll bet there's rich libs
Driving in some fancy expensive cars,
They live in gated enclaves,
Their windows have no bars.
Then I saw their judges coming,
I knew they'd set thugs free.
Now the criminals roam the city,
And that's what tortures me.

Oh, if I could ever leave this city,
Then everything'd be fine,
I own a pair of pistols,
And a shotgun, would be mine.
Far from Liberal City,
That's where I want to stay.
And when gang bangers a threatenin',
I'd blow their heads away.
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