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Old Letters 1970 Trip 2

I came across these and those of you who were on Trip 2 may get a charge out of these letters I sent home. If they weren't so funny, I'd be quite humiliated:

By the way, I have postmarked envelopes from Freedom, OK, Santa Rosa, NM and Woodland Park Colorado, all from 1970.

Dear Mom and Dad, July 14, 1970

The country is beautiful and it's so nice that I really don't want to come home, although I miss you. Everywhere we go there are just acres and acres of land, not many trees, but fields and it's kind of flat.
If you get any letters at home, please send them to me, OK? I hope you noticed at the bottom of the itinerary that you can only send mail to the designated stops.
We're on our way to Topeka, Kansas now and I hardly believe we've passed Missouri. We've gone through Ohio, Pennsylvania, W. Virginia, Indiana and Illinois. We didn't get to stay in St. Louis, we had to go to Eminence because of rioting or something. Sue, our trip director hasn't ever been out west before, so the first 5 days were tough, but things are getting smoothed out now. Oh, the 30 hour bus ride. Guess how much I slept. I don't think I should tell you. Nope, not 5 hours, not 4, not 3, not 2, not 1, not 45 minutes, not 1/2 hour. Yep, 15 minutes. I 'm caught up though now. We had to sleep on the bus once again and I did better, 1 hour and 1/2. Don't worry, I just look miserable (only kidding).
There's this long haird hippie freak out here on the trip. His name is Eddie (Some of you may remember he and I were "steady" on the trip, Eddie Kaplan that is. I haven't the slightest idea whatever happened to him). and we were walking down the street and this guy comes up to him and says "Your hair's a little long, son". You wouldn't believe the looks he among others get. Me too, because all the midwest girls have this clean cut look about them. We went to a western music hall. It was great except for a "Love it or leave it" song. You may like to know it's a good group of kids. That's all.
Love, Amy
PS Yesterday we went horseback riding and water skiing but I didn't get to go water skiing. Oh well.

Dear Mom and Dad, July 22, 1970

I had to cut off at the end of the phone call because everybody was screaming in the background for me to get off and about other things.
Now I will explain to you what I didn't get into on the phone. Sue is very nice, but has never ever been out west before. It wouldn't be too bad if she was a counsellor something, but a trip director when she doesn't know what to direct. oh no! She has made many bad mistakes, understandably for someone never having been out west, but we have suffered for them. In the first 10 days of camp I lost 8 pounds. Things have been too centered around food and she's just too much of a mother and a schoolteacher. Me, Eddie, Stephi and Judy had a talk with her and we do think it helped to a certain extent. We told her our resentments however, and the next day she turned around and said, "some kids came to me eysterday and complained they don't have enough responsibility, and look what you did with it!" Now I'll explain what responsibility she was talking about. That last night in Colby, Kansas, a bunch of kids came around because we were in a public park in the middle of the town, and turned on the sprinklers and they wet our tents down. They kept them on so Phil called the police who were very unfriendly and only came around twice the whole night anyway. Then, the kids threw M80s at us but they landed near the bus. Without telling us anything or any words of encouragement, Sue sent us terrified back to our tents. The kids in their cars kept circling and yelling and cursing at us and finally got out and because our tent and one other was farther away from the others, a few guys kept circling around and trying to scare us. Then from our tents we heard a lot of yelling in the counselors' tents and finally they drove away. I found out later that Phil and Bill themselves calmed down more than 5 angry guys.
Therefore, the next morning, Sue said we were irresponsible because we came out of our tents when the sprinklers came on and grumbled when they sent us back to our tents. It wasn't fair because we were never in that situation before and were very frightened. Well, it's over now. Phil is great. We are very lucky to have him. I'm so glad I'm in his living group. Oh, living groups we've had some problems there because we have a bunch of supervisors and complainers. It's straightening itself out very well though, with the help of Phil. Things are getting better and they never were bad. I'm having a good time. Let me tell you the good things now.
We went horseback riding which was great. On Gensby's Farm there was this huge barn filled about 15 ft high with corn kernels. We had so much fun in there. In Topeka Kansas there was a tornado watch and we stayed up a long time singing Scarborough Fiar with the wind. We were right on the lake and a million starts were out. On our first stop in Missouri there was this lake 8 feet deep and it was like there was no water because we could see the bottom so well. In Missouri we stopped off at Alley Springs and went wading. The water was cold and fast. That was a lot of fun. In Missouri also we went to a Country Music Halll thing which was terrific. In Woodland Park, Colorado, we had a good campfire with Trip 3. They caught up with us because they skipped Colby. I got to see Tom, Steve, Gil and Karen. It was really funny. Their bunch of kids were nice.
We slept in a lodge at Elk Creek Campgrounds which is the last night we've spent. It was also the best night I've spent, though I've been sleeping better and better. We're driving in the mountains and these funny little lakes in between the mountains. Yesterday after the rain we saw a rainbow that went from one end of the horizon to the other. It was the most beautiful sight I ever saw.
As for the picture I've sent it's only some of the kids and I'll name them and explain them now. (This is the tram picture everyone has) Peter - he;s the funniest guy on the trip. He's Eddie's good friend and Peter is quite a character. Eric - very nice. Lends me his coat when it's cold. Mark - lives right near us in Searingtown, nice jerk. 2nd row - Steve - one of the chief complainers in living group. Karen - girl in Stephi's tent. John - nice guy, going with Karen. 3rd row - Maddie- model at Gert's. Janet - Peter's girlfriend, women's liberationist. Laura - sweet kid. 4th row - Lynn - girl in my tent, Debbie - she and Lynn let two guys in Colby take them to their apartments. Nothing happened, but they were utterly stupid. 5th row - Me - the nicest kid on the trip, Eddie - a very good friend of mine, bad picture of him. 6th row - Ilene - one of the nicest girls, Margie - girl who keeps me in hysterics in my tent. Carol - going with Eric. Nice kid. 7th row - Mona - didn't like her at first, now very much. Elise - Mona's best friend. Claire - Ilene's best friend. 8th row Phil - you know about him. Stephi - her too. Elaine - Margie's best friend. Sweet kid. 9th row - Jeremy - don't know him too well, Robbi - always sings Joni Mitchell with me. Ellen - good counselor 10th row - Arlene - Eh - Sue - you've heard about her. 11th row - Judy and Alan - good couple. Judy was in my Unit last year. That's only 29 kids. The kids not in it are Hank, Rona, Roy, Amy, Alan, Bill the counselor, Lenny, Mark, Howie, Mark S., Gary, Fred, Larry and I think that's just about it. Well, this letter sure was lengthy. I hope you sat through the whole thing.
Love, Amy

Dear Mom and Dad, July 27th, 1970

Well, the bus just pulled out of the Grand Canyon National Park where we stayed for 2 days. Yesterday some of us took a 9 mile hike up and down the canyon. I started down late because I lost my sunhat and had to buy a new one, so Lynn from my tent and I went to buy one. After about 2 hours of hiking down, Lynn and I met up with Stephie, Claire, Judy and Debbie. Since we started hiking at 9:00 we got down to Indian Gardens at about 1:00 and stayed there and rested until 2:30. We started back up. I can't say I might ever do it again. Doug said he went with his family a few years ago and he stayed in the car while his family went down. (If you've seen 51 Birch Street, Doug Block is the award winning director of this independent film, he was my 9th grade boyfriend). You know what? He was smart. I have never been so exhausted in my life. It was all uphill for 4.5 miles. Ellen the counselor who is fantastic and Elaine, Lynn and Debbie went up ahead. So it was Judy, Claire, Stephi and me. Judy and Claire get asthma so we had to go slowly even though I wanted to go a little faster. My hiking boots weren't the greatest, but they held up pretty well. It was a great experience though. The canyon is an unbelievable sight. I don't think I'd believe it if I hadn't been in it. We got up at 8:15 covering an 11 hour hike. Ellen waited for us for 2 hours up on top. What an experience! We were yelling and singing and trying to play games on the way up. Some of the jokes we came up with were hysterical. We were writing Dear Mom and Dad letters like: Dear Mom and dad, As rigor mortis sets in.... It was so funny. Now, we are going to get the air conditioning and the tires fixed. We are off to Canyon De Chelly having had our experiences in Grand Canyon National Park
Love, Amy
(What I didn't write was that searchers came after us because we were the very last campers up and it was past dark)

Submitted by Amy Brenner Mitz
Ah, the good ole days!
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