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i saw a western trip 3 picture of "stew" at the grand canyon with a girl diane. yup, that looks like the guy i remember. but, i couldn't find anyone who looked like frank badone. is it badone or badome?

i also saw a picture of sindy habib. holy cow, i can't believe she was on your trip! i've been thinking about her from time to time for years. we were pretty good friends in junior high school, went different ways in high school but got together long enough to sign each other's high school yearbook. i'd totally forgotten that she went to wel-met, and i think we were in camp together one year. do you know where she is now?

alan, i saw a picture of you as well. sorry, we're even, i really don't recognize you either. yes, my name is the same. i guess we missed each other's 15 minutes of fame.

i did recognize a bunch of people in the western trip 4 pix. it really seems like yesterday, but there are about 14,600 yesterdays. i counted.
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