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I was on Western Trip 5 with you guys. We all fell asleep in Washington at the Bureau of Indian Affairs during a lecture by some BIA official and Mal was all embarassed. When we had that flood I thought we stayed at the dorm rooms at SouthWest Missouri State. We also went water skiing once -believe it or not- where there was this pole sticking out of the side of the boat to hold on to. Mrs Jensby killed the chicken and the corn crib was for making out- not me and Sherry but with someone else. Steak dinner after the climb back up the Grand Canyon. Gunnison Colorado, Garden of the Gods, Mesa Verde, the indian reservation, Santa Fe, Horseback riding somewhere. Marc was my counselor. One guy in my tent was an Art who was going out with Roberta Riportella. It was great to see her at the 2003 reunion at Narrowsburg. The song I remember from the trip was james taylor's Country Road sung by I think her name was Susan. I can see the girl with those hazel eyes in one of the posted pictures now but no name comes to mind. Lost my pictures of the trip temporarily. Had an incredible comming of age on that trip. I was pretty shy before that. Started letting my hair grow on that trip and became a nice guy. Started to shave. Loved every minute of that trip. So my identity can be revealed, if you go to the picture of WT 5 "back at Silver Lake" I am the taller guy in the back row just to the right of the guy with the white hard hat. Rob Best Wishes
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