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Scott Cohen weren't you and neal weiss romatically involved during the trip? I could be wrong but, I'm just not sure.

Susan, thank you for the name list. i went back and looked at all of you in my minds eye and came away with at least 30 that I have a picture of. Look at the picture by the bus and you can try to pick them out.

This past week I went to Nashville to attend my son's Orientation at Vanderbilt. I guess on the western trip we were in nashville because here was an exact duplicate of the parthanon thazt I recalled. My familyand i went at night to the grand ole opre (the reyman theatre not the new fancy one). I remember sitting up on the left during some he-haw like performance in 1970. drove down past the Blue Ridge mountains and swore that someday I would move their and live a perpetual wel met existence to the end of my days.

I missed Narrowsburg reunion but felt the rain on my yellow poncho standing in front of the dining hall after walking up from unit 1,2,5/Birch Lodge. There have been maybe 5 periods in my life where I was really happy, two were at wel met.

Scott, you must work a little harder at remembering. In 1971 I stopped by Barryville and saw you and cunningham working in the kitchen. I was at narrowsburg working. Does anyone know what happened to Carlton? I worked with Carlton in the Silver lake kitchen and that was the last I saw him.
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