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Ok I wasn't doing anything with Neal but I somehow thought you and Mal were doing it . I was too busy with other people. You said it was the beard that tickled you or was that Mark Finkel and his mustache. I lost track of Carelton so many years ago. I remember Ralph Weeks calling out for him in the kitchen and then hearing coming Ralph and then some crashes from him walking in to the walls. He was living in Staten Island. Coach Cunningham worked one summer in Barryville. Ray Herschbain also worked in the BArryville kitchen and then went on to Silver Lake when Barryville closed. He and I recently hooked up again at my 50th birthday party. My wife found him in Queens. Bob Katz must be a computer zillionaire. he just had that way about him. Maybe he is really Bill Gates.

Hi Carol hope you are doing well.

I am looking for 2 good Wel Met friends that I cannot find anywhere. Kathy Snediker and Hilary Barker. Where are you?

Also where is Russ Lesiner (Ruff)
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