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Wester Trip 5 1970

I have scanned my memory to see what was there and found that the brain cells still have retained some of there former elasticity. Some of the characters and some of the memories:

Pick up at 50 Madison. Not being a wel met long timer being dropped off and not knowing anyone was a little disconcerting. Don't remember the ride but all the stuff in duffle bags being loaded and people saying goodbye. Saw Marc Cunningham (where are you?) who was like 6'5" (I was 6'1" so I knew I wasn't going to be the tallest kid there). Got up to Silver Lake, learned how to set up a tent handed a sleeping bag and formed into groups. Leader was Mal Weissman, Carlton of Silver Lake Kitchen Fame was the admin, Mindy Deitz was my counselor (sorry for dogging out in 74 from school camping, you will need to eventually forgive me, I had my reasons, till this day, remain deeply personal), Monte (Judy), Marc and Ritchie that was the rest of the staff. Two days later, on our way to St Louis throught the night 24 hours straight with Walt (that name seems to appear on other trips, could it be the same Walt?) driving that magic bus. I'm You captain seems to be the song for the trip but lets not forget Carole King-still brings back memories. St louis was Hot! Mike Levine pretended to lose his contact (he didn't wear any) at a pizzaria and had two of St Lou's finest down on thier hands and knees looking, very funny and then pretended to find it. Off toJensby's. Guitars aplenty with Pete Goldberg (I might be stopping down at Duke this summer so be prepared), roberta Rippotella, Suzanne Davis (you were more that you ever imagined). Sherry F (left your last name out to protect your idenity) stalking all the eager boys tents at night. Sleeping almost in the corn crib. Pig stink made me never want to be a farmer. If I recall, we all had to cook our own recipes. Kramer, you pain the rear vegetarian, go get a good steak! Colorado, camping with my boots on, really cold at night, horse back riding in the great divide. Off to Meas verde. In a driving rain storm in my tent with Suzanne Phillips caught by Mal was I ever embarrassed. Glen Sherman, weren't you going out with her that summer? A night at the laundry mat and off to 4 corners. Walking with Alice Weisel and some indians come up in a pick up and ask us what tribe we were from (you had the most beautiful black hair).. . No we were Europeans! Sorry! Grand Canyon to the bottom sliding down the switchbacks. Boy scouts Vs welmet football, I don't know if we won, but we hurt a lot of those biys. Pretty magnificent, someday i'm gonna go back. Some city in Arizona or was it New Mexico, I think it was Santa Fe NM, with the ancient church. Rodeo in Oklahoma, Mike again starts a riot with his Peace Helmet us vs the cowboys. Neal Weiss (You snuck into my NPS IM football team picture, go back to Gage) and Scott Cohen. Susan Itzkovitz and suzanne Lubowitz. Do we have a minion yet?

Great Smokey mountains, Dead Rattle snake in the road and then back to WM for our last day together at Silver Lake. Sorry Mark Cohen, for being mean to you that night. You should not have hit me in the face with that ball, it wasn;t very nice. Made a lot of friends that summer and experienced things that I never would have. Oh, the places i've been and the people i've seen. 1971 was even better. I probably could go on but I've probably bored the hell out of you all.

Anyone who wants to add to this please feel free to do so.
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