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Memories and Mike

Hi to All,

It has been a while since I have posted here to the Wel-Met site.
The Barryville clan that was reunited by this site has a site offshoot that was started by Paul Langer an number of years ago, and I admit that that is the place I have been doing my Wel-Met check ins over the last years.

Wel-Met is unique for me for many of the same reasons as so many of you have written. It was the place where I was totally accepted for being me.
It was the place where a pillow case T-shirt and hiking boots were high fashion
It was the place where I felt that the people in my life truly loved me for me.

But for me there were also so many other days, days that I was not a camper, but was part of the Wel-Met tapestry as a director's child. I deeply appreciated being able to accept that award on behalf of my father at our Narrowsburg reuion.

When I was young, I wove my way in and out of the main office in Narrowsburg, sat on toots' lap and ran the switchboard, played and sang songs with martha comby, helped maria main give out blankets, got to watch the baking and the giant mixing machines in the kitchen, got an alcohol rub down from cherry the nurse when I had a high fever, saw don main fix countless trucks and camp vehicles, had the run of the rec hall and canteen, worried about a woman who helped clean the camp buildings named kitty who had more mosquito bites then I had ever seen, tried and I mean tried to eat venison at howard anthony's house one winter. One of the reasons Wel-Met was Wel-Met was because there were caring, thoughtful and responsible adults who helped to keep camp alive. When I got older I chased my share of kitchen boys and had my canteen boy crushes too.

For me, my family time, was also Wel-Met time.Sometimes we would go in the winter. Wel-Met was beautiful covered with snow.
These memories are rich and go on and on.

When I was a camper, I just wanted to be a camper.
I will never forget the time my Dad came to Barryville and he saw me. He pretended he didn't see me... but I know he did. I felt kind of bad ,kind of good about that.

I got to send my mail inter-office.. came to camp by car.. though I wanted desperately to ride the bus with all of the kids from LI.

I sang and danced in plays, played my guitar, and snuck out to made toast with julie salmon during one smooze time when bob was the director at barryville. I collected salamandars, went on sleep-outs, and loved the socials.

Later lou levitt called us in .. after the infamous drug bust western trip and shared his dissapointment ( understandably) that we the directors daughters, had been involved..

Oh well. I just wanted to be like everyone else.

I lived every year for those six weeks when I would be with the most wonderful people in the world... my Wel-Met Camp friends.

It occurred to me and yes it is sad, that there are no more Wel-Met generations.
There was no Wel-Met for our kids. I tried to urge my kids to go to summer camp. Not much interest, but we did a lot of camping as a family in the white mountains and travelled cross country for a summer in a pop-up trailer.

Wel-Met only lives in our minds and hearts now.

Losing Mike, means that we need to work harder at keeping our friendships together.
He understood how important those friendships were, and gave us this gift.

The only way we can honor him is to go forward, find our friends, renew those friendships and hold tight to something that we all know but somehow cannot explain to those who did not go to Wel-Met.

Beth Goldberg
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Very well put . . . those days are very special to me. There was a great deal of growing up and maturing, yet days of being a silly "tween".

And yes, I miss them and the experiences they brought.

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The power of Wel-Met

Hi Beth and all my favorite campers out there in cyberspace,
So my middle brother Mitchell (i am the youngest) and I are at Camp Club-Get-Away near Kent, CT a couple of weekends ago for our eldest brother's (a non-Wel-Metter) daughter's wedding(our niece) A summer camp wedding over a weekend what a concept but here it comes - 200 plus guests, Friday night, cocktails and hor'derve time, some type of meatball in a metal warming tray and I say to the women standing next to me must be some type of MYSTERY MEAT and she responds all that is missing is the BUG JUICE and I respond so what years did you go to Wel-Met and she asks how in the world did I know she went to Wel-Met. Well where else would those things go together. Bye the way she went to Barryville 1964 -1968.
I just want to say belatedly 'thanks for the memories' to Mike Alterbaum. I knew Mike as Alan's little brother but I always made sure to say hello because I was always Mitchell's little brother. I was only able to get to the first reunion at Wel-Met, missed the sleep over but it was an honor and a privledge to help raise some much needed funds for Mike to keep this site going. I miss the sweatshirt and the stationary but I still have a fewWel-Met pencils. Love , Peace and Happiness to all who trudge the same road to a Happy Destiny. Russell Edelstein
PS I am having lunch with Benny Wax and his Mom tomorrow in Boca Raton. Can't wait to have some mystery meat and bug juice.
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Mystery Meat and Bug Juice

Well Russell... if it isn't one of those "canteen boys" that Amy Levitt and I chased around!

Maybe you weren't a canteen boy.. not sure what your exact title was... but I always thought you like Alan Alterbaum were important ...as we know Alan had had more keys than almost anyone except for don main... ( or was that your brother Mitchell that had the keys?)

Ok well at least you had access to all of the candy....

Good to hear from you! You never said who the woman was that you met...
Maybe we know her!

Say hi to Benny for me.

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