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Pioneers 1974 & Western Trip 2 1975

I was so excited when I found this site! Such memories. I only went to Wel-met for two years but they were the best summers ever!! I had pulled out my photo album and have tons of great pictures of the entire Pioneer Group from 1974 and the entire Western Trip 2 of 1975 ( Once I figure how to scan them I'll get them to the site.) I only see a few people from my years. I was especially excited to see Carey Busner. We were tentmates.
It was me, Roberta Hilfer, Adina Kalet, Julie Pearlman and Jessie Goodman. I have this great picture of the four of you sitting on the bed in the tent. Jessie is wearing a long red skirt( they're actually back in style again!) Our counselor was Nancy and Julian
Klazkin,Gerri Gaffen, Paula Seigal & Caryn Sobel

I was thrilled to see" Rosie" I remember him so well. He had this big afro - huge hair!! I have fond memories of " Rosie"

I remember when we all went to the Berkshires and heard
James Taylor in concert.

I have the names of many of the campers from Pioneers ' 74.
and from the Western Trip # 2 in '75

We had a married couple: Bob & Meryl Shapiro as counselors- I remember someone made Meryl cry so much she peed in
her pants. The other counselors were, Karl Davis, Maureen Mason,& Steve Brauer. I also remember that Bob Korngut was sent home in the middle of the trip. ( I never knew why- can someone tell me?)

If any of you are here, please write: THE BRONX BOYS: Sidney J. Suss, Jeff Antin, Bruce Gallop, Ronnie Rosenberg, Larry Barker,Richie Gluckstern, Stu Thalbaum, Stephen Kramer.Larry Barker Jan Liderman,Diane Seidler,Lauren Green,Karen Lobovsky, Julie Pearlman ( she lived in Fla.), Seth Lipsay,Neil Kalan, Lisa Estrin,Vickie Ostrow( remember you used to write in your diary and at the end of the page write: GNSTDLTBBB )
Mindy Krasner, Laurie Tchack,Janet Jupiter,Dave Miller ,Karen Cebula,Helene Schneider,Amy Hertz ( from LI still?),Lisa Kaplan,
Robert Minster,Chip Preston, Cliff Ageloff, Lisa Markowitz, Jackie Potter, Wayne Siegal, Stu Fishberg, David Hoffman,Mickey Bergaman,Rob Mar,Joel Bowers, Jan Lieberman,Ilene Roseman,
Rhoda,Seth Gohr, Gary Mantis, Patti Weill, Elena Faro, Josh |Pearlman,Jeff Antin and Steve Kramer

After camp we had a few reunions but they became few and far between. Those two summers hold great memories . I enjoy reading about Welmet but haven't seem alot of people from '74 and '75- whoever is out their- please write!!

Roberta Hilfer-Ackerman
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