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Mitch Feig
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Wel-Met News Unit 5 1975 or 1976

A few weeks back I was in NYC visiting my Mom in the apartment that she has lived in since 1964. My son and I were in the attic looking for treasure. It seems every time we search we find treasure, on rare occasions in the form of currency or jewelry, but far more often in the form of memories. I am always amazed that while we think we looked in every box, drawer and coat pocket we always seem to find something new and of great value. This time I found some old yellowing pages of what was titled "Unit 5 News". Since I have a poem published in the "periodical" it had to be 1976 or 1977 one of my only two precious years at Wel-Met.

I would love to share it. It is a rather large file and I have been having trouble uploading it. Any suggestions?....Mitch Feig, Narrowsburg, Unit 5, 1976 and 1977
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Mitch Feig
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Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: Londonderry, NH
Posts: 13
Unit 5 News - First Story

Well, I am not sure why, but nobody has posted a suggestion on how I can post a PDF of the "Unit 5 News" typos, smudges, illegible sections and all. So, I have decided to post one article at a time on an occasional basis. In essence, I will simply type it and paste it here. I will carry in any errors or typos that I can read. Please respond to the thread, let me know if you want me to continue to add more articles. Without further adieu I give the first article on the first page:


Camper Interview:
by Lisa Jacobs

Today I interviewed one of our more dignified campers, Barry Dunayer. He has been a camper in Wel-Met for seven years. Four years in Narrowsburg and three in Barryville. Barry says that Barryville was better because it was cleaner and the lake was nicer. He felt that even though Narrowsburg wasn’t as good as Barryville, they are still trying this year!
Barry has a comment on how to improve Wel-Met which most people would agree with. “The only way to improve it here”, Barry exclaimed, “is to close it down”! Barry is hoping that he won’t be coming back again next year!
In closing this conversation U asked Barry for one last comment on camp Wel-Met in regards to the staff. Barry replied, “Wel-Met’s food stinks and the staff matches it perfectly, but everything is still O.K.”!
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I think a lot of the posts to all things Wel-Met has moved over to Facebook.
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